Water Pure Technologies - Survivor


Out Performs the Competition!

See why the Survivor is the world's most effective and most cost effective water purification system available. Using Nano-fiber Water Filtration Technology co-developed by NASA and used on the International Space Station, it creates the purest water both on and off the Planet

Removes toxic elements, parasites, bacteria and thousands of other contaminants from any fresh water source without removing the beneficial minerals, and without the need of any electricity 


  • Back Pack
  • Industrial Marine Grade, Hand Pump
  • Anti-microbial mounting board with cut-out for easy handling 
  • Stainless Steel Quick-Connect Cam-locks
  • Food Grade Hoses
  • BPA free, food grade filter housings
  • Wrench for easy removal of filters
  • Biofilm Defender Kit
  • (3) Filters and Strainer
  • 5-gallon collapsible water storage container
  • Instructions