Water Pure Technologies WaterSeer - Atmospheric Water Harvesting


Water Pure Filtration Systems are optional and recommended when harvested water is used for drinking. Systems will be customized, and priced to fit consumer needs.

WaterSeer leaves nature's aquifers and water resources untouched. It can provide an endless supply of clean water, using sunlight, and air
When using WaterSeer as a source for drinking water, we recommend adding a Water Pure, Space Technology, IAPMO Certified
 Nanofiber Water Filtration System.  
WaterSeer can be tailored to climate, condition, and customer requirements for almost any environment. It works as individual units or in ‘Orchards’ to provide thousands of gallons.
Elegant and reliable in design and purpose, WaterSeer is beautiful, blending form and function to provide a new source of water to the world.