Water Pure Technologies - Water ResQ - UV Mobile Filtration


Water ResQ-Uv Specs:                

  • 1st stage, 5 micron washable, reusable, tie on pre-filter, keeps 2nd and 3rd stage filters cleaner, and lasting longer
  • 2nd stage, 1 micron Carbon filter, removes bacteria, heavy metals, improves taste
  • 3rd stage, Nano-Electromagnetic Filter infused with Silver/Carbon, has a 5 micron outer filter wrap (rinsable) 
  • 4th stage ultraviolet anti-microbial light, lasts for approximately 7000 hours of use, (disrupts cellular wall of DNA, RNA, viruses can no longer reproduce, rendering them harmless)
  • Average flow rate: 2.9 gallons per minute, 174 gallons per hour
  • Cartridge life: 10,000 L (supports a family of 6 for 12 months) ** Results depend on quality of input water