Water Pure Technologies - Water ResQ - UV Mobile Filtration


Water ResQ-Uv Specs:                

  • 1st stage, 5 micron washable, reusable, tie on pre-filter, keeps 2nd and 3rd stage filters cleaner, and lasting longer
  • 2nd stage, 1 micron Carbon filter, removes bacteria, heavy metals, improves taste
  • 3rd stage, Nano-Electromagnetic Filter infused with Silver/Carbon, has a 5 micron outer filter wrap (rinsable) 
  • 4th stage ultraviolet anti-microbial light, lasts for approximately 7000 hours of use, (disrupts cellular wall of DNA, RNA, viruses can no longer reproduce, rendering them harmless. (can be ordered with or without UV light))
  • Average flow rate: 2.9 gallons per minute, 174 gallons per hour
  • Cartridge life: 10,000 L (supports a family of 6 for 12 months) ** Results depend on quality of input water