SaveAqua Tap with Adapter 2

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Tap with container suspension system and Adapter 1 (Tap CA/US Patent 2,795,774/9,216,889).

Note: The SaveAqua Tap with Adapters  2 can not be used on WaterBricks!

The SaveAqua tap with hose adapter 2 is a compact and light weight device that is designed to promote personal hygiene and water conservation (between 40% - 60%) of wash water waste in locations where potable water is scarce.

The tap itself includes a device for cutting the tap hole into a plastic container when used by itself. The tap cutting device is a permanent part of the tap. The tube adapter should fit most hoses and the spigot adapter fits most water tank's spigot's. Great for use on Solar Showers and water containers.

Any container that has a hose connected can be converted into an efficient water wash station dispensing device. The SaveAqua tap is designed to assist with personal hygiene when washing hands, face or shower. It can also be used for washing dishes, or any other task where potable water is needed and conservation is important.

The SaveAqua tap excels in outdoor environments such as campgrounds and back country camping, and emergency disaster environments. Though the primary advantage of the SaveAqua tap is its portability and durability, it is also simple to use and is environmentally friendly.

The benefits of using the SaveAqua tap:

  •  Simple and convenient to use.
  •  Operates without electricity, or pressurized water systems, designed for non-pressurized
     water systems.
  •  Conserves wasting potable water - Tap saves 40% to 60% of water that is usually wasted when using a standard water spout system.

  • Durable, light, compact and convenient to use – a must for back country camping.

  • Allows for any plastic container holding water to be turned into a washing station.
  • Attaches to most hose type containers.
  • Ensures minimum cross contamination of germs to your hands when using the tap.
  • No need to open or close the main spout each time you wash hands or dishes.
  • Three modes of operation: continuous flow, burst of water, off (off is used for transporting the  wash station).

  • The tap is all inclusive, with a cutting blade for cutting the tap hole into the container. The blade is a permanent part of the tap. No need for additional tools.


  • SaveAqua Tap
  • Cutting device, hose adapter and Nylon string for suspending the independent washing station use.

    *Note: Nylon string color may vary.

Ideal for:

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Survival Kits
  • Camping Trips
  • Outdoor Activities & Events
  • First Aid Kits
  • Gardening
  • Pet Drinking water for when you are on the go.

...Where ever Clean Water is Scarce!

Note: The SaveAqua Tap with Adapters 2 can not be used on WaterBricks!