SaveAqua products are designed to promote personal hygiene and preserve water in locations where it is scarce. Using a SaveAqua tap, any available plastic container can be converted into an efficient water dispensing device. SaveAqua products are designed to assist with personal hygiene, washing dishes, or any other task where water conservation is important.


Due to their portability, SaveAqua taps have a wide variety of applications. SaveAqua taps excel in outdoor environments such as campgrounds, back country camping, and even potential emergencies. Though the primary advantage of the SaveAqua tap is its portability, it is also very simple to use and it is environmentally friendly.

Hand washing is important no matter where you are, but it can be difficult to wash your hands when you are camping and there is no water infrastructure around. Using the SaveAqua tap you can make your own water dispenser by reusing containers.


The benefits of using the SaveAqua tap;

1.Operates without electricity, or pressurized water infrastructure.

2. Conserves water - Our tap is 40 to 60% more efficient than any existing tap which meets criteria.

3. Durability.

4. Allows anyone, even people without any technical skills, to create a hand washing station using virtually any container that can hold water.

5. Being light and compact.

6. Simple and convenient to use.

7. Ensures minimum cross contamination of the tap when using it. You don't need to close and open anything with your hands.