DIVVY Transfer Hose (1" x 10") - Free Shipping Does Not Apply


- Free Shipping Does Not Apply

Engineered For Emergency Use, The DIVVY Transfer hose is designed to transfer treated water from the DIVVY tank to the Distribution System.


NSF Approved, Nylon Reinforced PVC Hose, provides years of trouble free service.  Approved for drinking water contact.

"Tool-Free" Banjo® Cam-Lock Fittings, assure a quick, easy and leak-free connection with no need for tools.  Fittings are sized to prevent accidental connections.

"Rust-Free" Band-It® Stainless Steel Clamps, prevent operator injury, will not rust even in harsh environments, and provide smooth leak-free connections.

Choose Right

  • NSF Approved Tubing.
  • Banjo® Cam-Lock Fittings.
  • Band-It® Stainless Steel Clamps.
  • Engineered for DIVVY Systems.
  • Standard 1" ID x 10'  length.
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