DIVVY Suction Hose with Strainer Kit (pre-filter) - Free Shipping Does Not Apply


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Engineered to Adapt to Multiple Source Water Options: The DIVVY Suction Hose and Strainer Kit is designed to draw water from almost any fresh water source.  Pre-Filter and strainer remove large contaminants and allow use from water sources with muddy bottoms or high sediment loads.


Draw From Any Fresh Water Source: Engineered to work with any fresh water source using the strainer and pre-filter sock.  Strainer can be easily removed to connect to pressurized sources such as fire hydrants or water trucks.

"Tool-Free" Banjo® Cam-Lock Fittings: assure a quick, easy, and leak free connection with no need for tools.  Fittings are sized to prevent "accidental" connections.

"Rust-Free" Band-It® Stainless Steel Clamps: Prevent operator injury, and will not rust even in harsh environments.  Provide a smooth, leak-free connection.

Removable "Rust-Free" strainer and Filter Sock: Strainer can be used with or without the pre-filter sock depending on the sediment load of the feed water.

Choose Right

  • Semi Rigid Tubing will not collapse under suction.
  • Banjo® Cam-Lock Fittings.
  • Bandi-It Stainless Steel Clamps.
  • Removable Strainer for connection to hydrants or trucks.
  • Replaceable 100µm rated pre-filter sock.
  • Engineered for DIVVY Systems.
  • Standard 1 1/2" ID x 10' Length

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