DIVVY P.O.D. (Point of Distribution) Pump Station - Free Shipping Does Not Apply


Free Shipping Does Not Apply

The Point of Distribution (POD): The DIVVY P.O.D. is the heart of the DIVVY system.  The human powered unit is designed to deliver purified water to several users at the same time without the need for tools, trucks, gasoline or electricity.

Final Filtration Process: The DIVVY engineers designed the DIVVY POD with the filtration process at the point of distribution to assure contamination free water at the spout.  The Cyst removal rated filter removes  Cryptosporidium and Giardia while reducing the concentration of calcium hypochlorite to EPA standards for drinking water.

Designed for Easy Assembly: The DIVVY POD requires no tools to assemble.  It quickly breaks down into 5 major parts/assemblies and stores efficiently in a rugged storage and transportation case.


Built with Humans in Mind: The DIVVY POD is designed to be human powered and functional in almost any environment.  "Tool-free" assembly and take down assures no fumbling for the right tool in a time sensitive emergency situation.  Easy to follow pictorial instructions make it possible for even untrained personnel to set up and operate the system in short order.

Terminal Filtration:  Removes Cryptosporidium and Giardia to NSF standards.  Chlorine content is also reduced to less than 1ppm, well within EPA guidelines for drinking water.  By designing the DIVVY system so that the filtration step is at the end of the process, all storage and distribution lines are exposed to chlorinated water preventing possible build up of contamination within the system over long periods of use.

Low Operational Cost:   Since the DIVVY POD is human powered there is no cost for fuel or electricity.  The 20" Filter is designed to provide greater than 20,000 gallons of purified water before a required replacement. 

Modular System Approach:  The DIVVY POD is designed to connect directly to other DIVVY components and can be customized based on specific user requirements.  With simple conversion fittings, the POD can also be connected directly to tanker trucks, fire hydrants, swimming pools or any other source of treated water.  The DIVVY POD is designed to accommodate the easy deployment and filling of DIVVY Transport Bags, the most efficient way to fill and distribute measured volumes of water.

Choose Right

  • Human Powered:  No need for gas or electricity.
  • Terminal Filtration:  Assures purified water at POD and prevents contamination buildup in system.
  • "Tool-Free" Assembly: 
  • Economical: One filter provides >20,000 gallons of purified water.
  • Modular System:  Connects to Other DIVVY components and Non-DIVVY systems.

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