DIVVY Lay-Flat Fill Hose (1 1/2" x 20') - Free Shipping Does Not Apply


Free Shipping Does Not Apply

Engineered for Ease of Use: The DIVVY Lay-Flat Fill Hose is used to transfer life saving water from the Fill Pump Station to the DIVVY Tank.

Size: 1 1/2" ID x 20' Length.


Light Weight, Space Saving Design: Heavy-duty nylon reinforced lay-flat PVC hose coils small and tight to save space, easily handles high volume pumping requirements and harsh environments.

"Tool-Free" Banjo® Cam-Lock Fittings: assure a quick, easy and leak free connection with no need for tools.  Fittings are sized to prevent accidental connections.  Includes "gender bender" to extend existing fill hose.

Choose Right

  • Nylon Reinforced, Space Saving, Lay-Flat Hose.
  • Banjo® Cam-Lock "Tool-Free" Fittings.
  • Includes "gender-bender" to extend existing hose.
  • Engineered for DIVVY Systems.
  • Standard 1 1/2" ID by 20' Length.

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