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Replaceable, Recyclable, Flexible, Form-Fit Tank Liner: Engineered to work in tandem with the DIVVY Tank to provide a light weight, collapsible reservoir to store and treat life saving water.


Light Wight and Flexible: Designed for portability, the DIVVY Form-Fit Liner weighs less than 3 pounds, yet when filled holds 250 gallons/950 L. Folds Flat for easy storage.

Constructed of Pharmaceutical Grade 2-ply Polyethylene: The DIVVY Form-Fit Liner is brutally tough, and designed to handle multiple fill and drain cycles.  Two Ply construction prevents leaks and increases durability.

Form-Fit Technology: Minimizes "dead zones" where disinfecting chemicals cannot penetrate, relieves stress on critical seams, and eliminates troublesome side seams altogether.  Corner "Hook-&-Loop" locator patches assure correct alignment in the DIVVY Tank.

Replaceable and Recyclable:  The DIVVY Form-Fit Liner is is designed to be replaced after each event.  This eliminates costly and ineffective cleaning and drying requirements for non-replaceable bags.  Constructed of easily recyclable PE.  

Three Port Design: Separate bottom Fill and Drain ports prevent accidental connections.  Easy access top port for treatment and sampling.  Designed to fit DIVVY Tanks.

Choose Right

  • 250 gallon Capacity.
  • Weighs less than 3lbs.
  • Folds flat.
  • High clarity, High Strength, 2-ply Pharmaceutical grade polyethylene (PE)
  • Replaceable & Recyclable 
  • Form-Fit Technology.
  • 3 port Design for DIVVY Systems
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